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Premium Football Pick’s has an exclusive contract with Rod Lindholm. Rod is the 2005/2006 ESPN Pigskin Pick’em By the Spread Contest winner.  Over last season, Rod and 220,000 other fans from around the world made their picks against-the-spread for every one of the 256 pro games.   Rod came out on top!!   The Champion!!  With a 63% success rate against-the-spread.*   And 81% against the spread on the 2005 Monday Night games.

Rod’s success is proven and not just self-proclaimed.  Do you trust the unverifiable claims of those Vegas guys?

Rod’s life has revolved around the sports.   He has a wealth of sports knowledge stemming from his experience on both sides of the ball. Rod has been an extremely successful competitor as both player and coach. He is at home on the field, on the court, or with the whistle in his mouth These sports include football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and skiing.

Rod is a true fan.  He studies the games, the teams, the players before making his picks.

Tenacious research, invaluable insight and his ear to the ground keep him in tune with every aspect of the National Football League He was proven record of success.  And now you can share his knowledge!!

Rod is not some professional “tout” hanging around a smoky room in Vegas. He is in touch with the game at every level.

In the off season Rod is a professional photographer . Behind the camera Rod is likely to be shooting an Indy Car ripping past at two hundred miles per hour or capturing an image of your favorite athlete in action . Constantly on the go, Rod is able to keep his finger on the pulse of the sporting world.

You won’t hear Rod screaming about his “locks” on radio infomercials.  You won’t see him with 3 other “experts” arguing on some cable program at 3 am.  He is not telling you to bet, bet, bet, with his choices only. .  Rod is here for the true fan. The fan who wants to win. He wants you to benefit from his champion insights as to each game’s winners against-the-spread.

Premium Sports Picks is offering you Rod Lindholm’s entire 2006 season of picks-against-the spread. You can get them all or just the ones you want. If you are serious about making the right picks week in week and week out this site is for you. Get on board, it’s time to win.

* Click here for Rod’s game-by-game results from 2005

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